Hirata-ji Temple is a temple 10 km north of Nagoya Station. We do various activities as a place where everyone can feel free to gather, learn, and support each other. The Kuroike Ryujin is the object of faith as a defender of the community. Please feel free to consult with us on eternal service, funeral, prayer, etc.
平田寺 トップ画像

Hirata Temple of mind.

Temple of the nostalgic future

Hirata Temple of mind.


出逢いと別れ 喜びと悲しみ 学びと成長……お寺は人々の暮らしの中にあるありのままに寄り添う「ふるさと」のような存在でありたいと思っています。
I'll go with nostalgic future starts here.

Message from the chief priest

Temple of the Hirata
Hirata Temple is a temple of Soto Eiheiji and sojiji to 2 main temples. The name on the cloud Edition is said to be the oldest in the prefecture.
Kitanagoya City is located 20 minutes by car from Nagoya Station, leave the nostalgic scenery somewhere(Old Nishiharu-cho)To the position.

Hirata Temple history
4Hirata temple over the years living in the temple's current chief priest.

Temple Guide
Saigoku 33 Kannon statues on hallowed ground » About the first goddess Festival


1720-21 years(0/1720, 6 years)Locals heard the great fire of Edo period lasted 2 years(9 no Tsubo)The people pray for life safety, consult tohshougu 6 of r. Hall Ka, daiosho, 1723(0/1723)The Festival of 33 Kannon bosatsu.
In recent years, the damaged statue, the leak in the roof of the temple, had become the number 25. Tohshougu 25 world mingyu husband priest:(0/1975)To repair and 25 of our godly Hirata Temple and branch was damaged, was newly created eight bodies had disappeared.
Home safety, body and sound is a miraculous fire voyeur lurking off, good health, and hope you will grant Kannon.

Since the beginning, Hirata Temple enshrines as the principal image 5 Ko thinking Amida Nyorai and due to have been perennial state of living, unfortunately left only the base.
Currently "shakamuni Nyorai settling statue(2007In Nagoya-Shi Minato-ku Su leaves hospital donation.)' Enshrined deity as you are.

* Dharani(Shingon Buddhism)... Now bow Acacia galabaya on Marica Mari Boli sovak

Cultural properties.
Cultural properties.
Silk coloring Shaka triad figure and arhats (Prefecture designated cultural properties)
★ Silk colored Buddha triad figure(120.5 cm 64.7 cm)
Fugen Manjusri Buddha, towards the rising clouds of white trail in the sky in the Middle, with the lion on the left and right with white elephant stand towards the raikoji to your left is depicted.
Each picture a circle head light, treading with dividing Lotus. And immediate family of thin 隈取ra, woken up by slender, rough ink line drawing. Clothing is strong corpulence, have been awakened drawn with black lines tend to be somewhat hoarse.
Silk coloring arhats ★(119.8 cm 64.6 cm)
4 get together on the cliff that falls under the Rakan five Rakan by Chung cloud flying image is drawn.
4 each Arhat is accompanied by a dragon, Tiger, white elephant, and demons. And match the Shaka triad figure depiction on 補筆 fully decorated and retouch, and reveals that both are restored by the same artist.
1 fixture with Shaka triad figure painting is without a doubt the 9 Rakan with the Shaka triad vs. width is low, otherwise another 9 should be thought with triplets is 1 wide draw the Buddha's disciples, draws the Shaka triad 18 arhats.

Black pond Dragon song (City designated cultural properties height 19.5 cm x 15.0 cm)
Hirata temple shrine is black pond Dragon. This black pond Dragon God of rain-begging legends.
0/1626(1626)The summer, asked for prayers for rain-kotta Hirata Temple nisei Iwao free-Osho trees withering droughts, 困rinuki people. Osho's Takada(H. local area of the current)The black geunmin mystic Dragon is said to live in the pond the, characteristics and 祈誓, and finally wishing the three days grace 3 nights of rain and vegetation land everyone all Elin's attainment of Buddhahood, grain abundance of nectar and large drought as Zen minds reason patiently going to Dharma is to the It is a thankful song pleasure Iwao Osho left in the hand.

Black mark of returnable (Matsudaira)
Hirata Temple is 0/1599.(1599), Received the Vermillion area 300 stone Toyotomi from Toyotomi's downfall after this lost, then 0/1620(1620)91 August from feudal Lord Owari Tokugawa Yoshinao received black marks area 52 rocks. This fracture the communion what's shaped black mark(All 12 through)As a valuable material Hirata temple at that time, received from the Owari House AOI pattern with black lacquer returnable are kept carefully.

Circle sky Buddha (Matsudaira)
★ wooden statue of Tenjin(Height 34.2 cm, shoulder width 11.0 cm)
That is said to sit a little higher on this statue, enku carved to look a bit to the left listen and filled with a peculiar smile, 50-year-old would be made before and after the great statue.
Dainichi-body mantra, "c", "a" "van" "run" "Kung" [Ken] characters written on the back, is Joss also represented Vairocana, author of under the skin.
★ wooden statue(Height 28.2 cm, shoulder width 11.5 cm)
This statue is a seated bear marks constant in the Lotus position, hold the medicine bottle, filled with a smile and would be made before and after the circle an empty 40-year-old said.
Yakushi-Sanson, written in Sanskrit letters on the back, also "0/1836 Shin Hei 3/15, rising water bills, when owner, Cooper chozaemon" and understands that the statue was donated to the Hirata-ji Temple, and.
★ wooden statue of Kannon(Image height 26.8 cm, shoulder width 6.5 cm)
This statue is in a neat Shou-Kannon statue is in the Lotus position. Think of Tenjin image and at the same time. For even the Buddha's smile often have head missing along the grain will be missed.
On the back, probably written Sanskrit characters that would have been unintelligible.

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