Hirata-ji Temple is a temple 10 km north of Nagoya Station. We do various activities as a place where everyone can feel free to gather, learn, and support each other. The Kuroike Ryujin is the object of faith as a defender of the community. Please feel free to consult with us on eternal service, funeral, prayer, etc.
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Every day is auspicious

Hirataji's Daily Blog

2020October 9, 2010 : Kuroike Ryujin Festival

This year, a large festival is held once a year for Ryujin Kuroike, the keeper of Hirata-ji Temple.
A heart-warm and fun event and wonderful shop openings gather.
Why don't you spend your autumn day at the temple?

★, outdoor events are the center.
We give full consideration to the prevention of infection, but we ask for your cooperation.

[Kuroike Ryujin Festival]
9:00Nine O'Clock Bell
10:00/13:00Prayer (Registration is accepted on the day 9:30or advance application up to the day before)
10:40 Traditional Tai Chi dedication
10:30-14:30 Nature and lifestyle market.(Sponsored by: GK Tsumune)
Organic pesticide-free vegetables (Hiei Farm
Naturally grown vegetables and processed products(Tsunune)
Pesticide-free lotus root.lotus leaf tea.makomo powder(OKI25 Lupin Farm
Homemade sweet sake and fermented drinks (Hass only)
Natural yeast bread (Bread Studio Naturre Sobisuya)
Handmade mask and mask case(gtf)
Pesticide-free and fertilizer-free fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, herbs, etc.(organic farm Noro Kobo)
Handmade Umeboshi, miso, etc.(Projects that may be connected)

Mochitsuki & M riddle rice cake immediate sale(Tsunune)

Miso soup with seasonal vegetables and the behavior of the rice bowl with homemade Umeboshi (Hirataji Children's Cafeteria(The part of the exude)


11:10Indian Dance Dedication(Masha & Bhaktisangyt)
11:20 Yin jinmai dedication(Haika ()
11:40Bollywood Dance Workshop(Masha & Bhaktisangyt)

12:00Naruko Odori (Kuroryujin)

The main hall
13:30 Bansuri dedication performance(Sheian Kishore)
14:00Crystal Bowl Dedication(Shantisangita)

10:30-14:00Ryujin Tea Ceremony(Murata Muneyoshisha)
10:30~ 12:00Let's make a small person with acorn hat!(Modeling picture book artist Wigko)
Knob crafting experience (Wasanpo)

★ openings and dedications are subject to change.
We will guide you from time to time on Facebook's event page, HP, blog, etc., so thank you.

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2020October 8, 2010 : The Market for Nature and Life

Four people who worked in a completely different field were attracted to the cultivation made by the natural circulation, met while working on each, and the joint company that started it was tsuned.
Making a place from the viewpoint of "agricultural cooperation" between welfare and agriculture
The use of abandoned arable land that makes use of grass, which is said to be weeds.
I have been proposing a life that is a little different from my current life.
Hirataji Temple hosts workshops to color people's lives as "handmade Terakoya" four times a year.

The festival hosts a market for nature and life.
We also sell vegetables and processed products that each member grows.

I wonder if the people who live close to the soil are surrounded by microorganisms.
All the members are deep, warm and clean.
And it's as refreshing as the autumn wind.

At the festival, we sell "Masek mochi" immediately with rice cakes from natural cultivation & weeding rice and medicinal herbs such as rice cakes, safnivana rags, and long-life herbs.
It seems that there is an alias called the revolutionary grass in the safnibana borogiku, and it is thought that it is good if it is possible to carry the test so that this and that of these days go in a good direction.

A day in autumn when the sky is high I hope it will be a new step towards the future that will begin.
We are looking forward to seeing you.

"Tsunu-te" Mr. HP

Kuroike Ryujin Daimatsui is a once-a-year Dragon God Festival.
A heart-warm and fun event and wonderful shop openings gather.
Why don't you spend your autumn day at the temple?
For more information, please click here.

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2020October 6 : Ryujin Tea Party and Brown Rice Ounsbi no Go

Yesterday is the practice day of the tea once a month.
I was allowed to experience the incense.
It was a time when the miscellaneous things in the body flowed out with the breath which vomited that the incense of the incense of the incense changed the speed of the flow of time.

10-11(Day)At the Kuroike Ryujin Festival, we will have a tea ceremony experience event where you can feel free to participate as a "Ryujin Tea Party".
If the weather is good, go to the field.
You don't need any special things, so please feel free to join us.

[Ryujin Tea Party]
Time to time 10:30-14:00 
Participation fee: 400 yen per person

Dr. Murata loves the world of tea, and the condition for getting married was to be able to continue tea.
In addition to practicing at home and temples, we also create a place where international students can teach and feel free to experience the world of tea at events around the world.
In the practice, even beginners can understand it and teach it gently and politely.

I think that there are some people who think that the world of tea exists in a different place from daily life with a high threshold, but there are many things that are useful in everyday life when you know not only the tea, but also the form of entertaining and entertaining people, the behavior of standing in tatami rooms, how to handle flowers, and tools.

If you can't sit down for practice, please contact us.
For more information, seeTerakoya "Classrooms and Club Activities"Please take a look at the page.

In the practice of Dr. Murata (real name, Mr. Yoshiyo Murata), handmade Japanese sweets that do not use white sugar appear every time, but there is a reason for that.
Mr. Murata was sentenced to breast cancer in 2006, and after a certain encounter, he wanted to cure it on his own, canceled the operation, put on a diet, warmed his body (half-body bath), warmed the bee, walked, etc., and improved his mind and way of thinking. And I have the experience of having erased breast cancer in one year.

Murata's experience of overcoming cancer
Cancer Overcoming and Support Activities
NPO Izumi-no-kai's website
"Cancer cure is heart-curing"It has been published as.

Currently, while working as a tea ceremony instructor, I think about food and happiness."Brown rice rice bowl society"Presiding over.
Activities such as natural food and grain vegetarian cooking classes, health courses for the body and mind, and various events are also held.

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Kuroike Ryujin Daimatsui is a once-a-year Dragon God Festival.
A heart-warm and fun event and wonderful shop openings gather.
Why don't you spend your autumn day at the temple?
For more information, seeHereFrom the

2020October 6 : From Komaki to the Walking Party
Everyone of the walking association which started in the wake of the citizens' lecture in Komaki City stopped by the temple.
He is walking along the Iwakura Highway from Nishiharu Station to Nakaodai today.
As expected, everyone is fine and has a clean smile!

Even if I'm still going to walk from now on, I've stopped to talk about this and that.
What's more, even photos!
Thank you for your time.

Please contact us at any time for the sutras you have questions about.
We are looking forward to seeing you again.

2020October 6 : Knob Work Workshop Kazusanpo

Thankfully, I have a mom friend for each of my four children.
I also stay with them, do somen, dance with them, practice Japanese dance, and do Tai Chi. I've done a lot of things.
And I've been helped a lot in many situations.
My eldest son's mom friend, who turned 24 the other day, will participate in this workshop.

[Knob work experience workshop]
Time-to-time 9:30-13:00
Participation fee: 200 yen
Place Hondo

For the dress-up and the sanpo-no-go "Wasanpo", please visit the temple's website."Terakoya"For more information, please visit

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Kuroike Ryujin Daimatsui is a once-a-year Dragon God Festival.
A heart-warm and fun event and wonderful shop openings gather.
Why don't you spend your autumn day at the temple?
For more information, seeHereFrom the

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