Hirata-ji Temple is a temple 10 km north of Nagoya Station. We do various activities as a place where everyone can feel free to gather, learn, and support each other. The Kuroike Ryujin is the object of faith as a defender of the community. Please feel free to consult with us on eternal service, funeral, prayer, etc.

Black pond ryujin

Black pond ryujin

Black pond Dragon story Coulthard » About the black pond ryujin Festival
* The year 2026 black pond Dragon enshrined in the temple's 400 year anniversary.
2005At the Aichi Expo was held in the 6/2 East Owari region, to black pond Dragon was raised as a program of the old Nishiharu-cho. Dragon monument was made the picture of the black pond Dragon legend has been announced by the local children.

Cultural area square tunnel(Referred to as Tornado)には、雨乞いをする快巌和尚と村人たち、龍神と天女の姿を描いた夢童 由里子(Mudou Yuriko)There is a mural by Mr..

Affectionately since ancient times, has been called "Black Dragon," also a practicality to people who wish for worldly benefits, such as good health, success in life, good match. You have to still daily adapted to local residents.

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